Persons wishing to travel to Thailand for any of the following reasons: business with a work permit (including their family), family reunification, education, studies, medical emergencies, foreigners with a residence certificate, must be provided with :

  1. A certificate of entry issued online only by the Royal Thai Embassy in Bern:
  2. A visa (the conditions of issue remain unchanged:

A certificate of entry can also be requested from the Royal Thai Embassy in Bern ( for:

  • foreigners with a valid Non-Immigrant visa (O-A and O-X),
  • Holders of a 60-day tourist visa or a valid STV (Special Tourist Visa:, issued only by the Royal Thai Embassy in Bern). Switzerland is currently on the Covid-19 high-risk list, so no tourist visa can be issued,
  • Holders of a valid Elite visa AND a letter of approval from the Thailand Elite Member Quarantine Programme (TEMQ).

Due to the current health situation, the Consulate assures a limited permanence. Please contact us by email if you have any questions:

In case of emergency, please contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Bern: 031 970 30 30.

Types of visas Purpose of the visit
Diplomatic visas or official visas To enter Thailand on diplomatic or official functions
Transit visas To transit to the country of destination
Tourist visas To travel for tourism (pleasure) purposes only
Non immigrant Visas To study
To visit family
To conduct business
To stay in the Kingdom after retirement
To serve as a volunteer

Download the visa application form (PDF format).
If you need it, you can find the Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Appointment : Any request for an appointment to obtain a visa must be made by email to Your request for an appointment must be accompanied by a copy of your plane ticket.
No appointments can be made by telephone.